The I'mma Keep Going Podcast

The I'mma Keep Going Podcast

With a focus on people, quotes and overall inspiring conversations, the I'mma Keep Going Podcast is here to remind you to...well...keep going. This podcast will be your go-to for motivation and the kick-ass momentum you need to become a better you now.

Recent Episodes

Self-Improvement Mental Health

IKG Quick One - But Are You Fine?

June 4, 2021

I'm Fine. But are you? Let's talk about it. IG: @EricWillKeepGoing and @ImmaK…

Meditation Motivation

10 Minute Meditation Moment - Superpower

May 21, 2021

It's time for another 10 Minute Meditation Moment. Because you need it. #10MinuteMeditationMoment w…

Fun Stuff Manifestation Self-Improvement

IKG Quick One - Would You Rather? Round 2

May 14, 2021

20 more questions for me. 20 more answers for you. Listen to the previous Would You Rather episode …


The Dating Game (Ft. RSD)

April 23, 2021

Last episode I shared a special episode of Ready Set Date Podcast. This episode I get to talk with …

Fun Stuff Love Education

Introducing...Ready Set Date!

April 1, 2021

It's a new game, y'all! I'm proud to bring this inaugural episode of Ready Set Date to my people! I…


10 Minute Meditation - Rainbows

March 11, 2021

You need to meditate. Let me help guide you. #10MinuteMeditationMoment Show your amazing love for T…

Recent Blog Posts

Let's Talk More About Fine...

The harsh realization of having to unlearn things is exhausting. It's troublesome to me, because it's a battle between my mind and my heart. When the hea…

Out With The Negative, In With The Now

Why do we focus on negative things so much? It's like we're so inundated with the thoughts and actions our mind present to us that we tend to lose sight …

Confidence In My Words

Wanna know something weird? I used to write all the time. It was mainly to get some things out my head and to keep a record of my thoughts at that time.…