Oct. 2, 2021

3 Pieces For The Week - Part 7

Greetings my fellow IKGers. I'm going to stick to that name for y'all. I like it oh so much. At any rate, I'm back again after a week off to bring you another 3PW. So let's get right to it...


1. I've been on this Jazz kick lately. It's mainly been when I'm either chilling in my office and relaxing or when I'm writing something. I remember someone saying "listening to Jazz music instrumentals is good for you, because there are no words to mess up your thinking..." At first I was like "yeah alright...", but now I understand what he meant by it. Most songs you listen to have lyrics and those lyrics will paint a picture for you...which can be a distraction sometimes when you're trying to think or create. With instrumentals, there are no words, so sometimes your words and thoughts will fill in those gaps, thus allowing more creativity to come in. Makes sense. I was trying to find the right blend of Jazz that's soothing and calming, but good to listen to. I finally found one that I'm sure you'll enjoy, called Relaxing Jazz Music by Jazz Fruits. It's available on all streaming platforms, including Apple Music. It's like 2 hours of super chill relaxing music. Give it a try when you're writing, cleaning, working or just plain relaxing with a glass of wine by your side. 

2. For the most part, I don't particularly follow trends. Or at least I try not to follow them haha. But every once in a while, when there is an uproar on social media about something that we "just gotta watch",  I can't help but to see what the fuss is all about. Last year was Tiger King (we all know how that went). This year it was all about Squid Game on Netflix. So I had a chance to watch all the episodes of it, and it was pretty good. I don't believe it was worth the hype that many folks on social media said it was, but it was entertaining for the moment. It actually reminds me of The Hunger Games, which that movie reminds me of Battle Royale. But that's another story. Squid Game is about a group of people down on their luck, fugitives, con artists, scammers and others being invited to this island. They will go through a series of games, some of which are old school ones like Red Light, Green Light and Tug-Of-War. If you lose, you die. It's that simple. Although the premise has been done before like I said earlier, the execution was kinda cool. It's enjoyable for the moment, so I say check it out when you're bored. It's 9 episodes and you can get through it pretty quickly. 

3. So I've been on this health kick super heavy lately and I've been figuring out ways how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I've been working out consistently for the last few months now and I am impressed with where I am thus far. I have a very long road to go to get where I'm trying to be (I wanna take off my shirt for summertime haha), but I do know it's all about progress. Now, most of us know that health starts in the kitchen. I've been working on my dietary goals, and some of them include trying different things. I'm saying all this to say I purchased a Juicer back in July. It is by far one of the best investments I've made. For the record, I don't like zucchini...at all! In fact, I don't really like cucumbers either. But, when mixed together with celery and lime, it is definitely a winner! I started juicing religiously last month and it has been a game changer for me. I try all kinds of different concoctions. Beets (which I loathe, but it's very beneficial for you) with apples and carrots and ginger. Yummy yummy! The beauty in juicing is that you're still getting all the nutrients you're supposed to have as opposed to eating it whole. I purchased a Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer and have been loving it ever since. The goal is 80/20 veggie to fruit ratio. So if you have 5 items you'd like to juice, 4 of them should be veggies. There are some I've mixed together that came out tasting horrid, but it's a trial and error. Because once you get that perfect blend, you'll be in love! 


So those are my 3 pieces for this week. My hope is, as always, to get you inspired to try any of these and make a change in your life.