Aug. 21, 2021

3 Pieces For The Week - Part 3

Hello there fellow IKGers. I'm really beginning to like that name for my people. I'm back again with another 3 Pieces Of The Week. As always, this is a recap of my week told in 3 of the most important things that happened to me. Hopefully it will be important to as well. So let's get right into it....

1. So I've been on this old school kick lately. My appreciation for old R&B has never waivered because I feel this is the backbone of who I am as a person. It's important to who I am now and forever. I'm a good, sensitive, caring, soulful, cool as a fan type of person. And R&B music has been a huge part of that. Sidenote: Music is in my blood. I sometimes wake up with a song in my head and I don't feel right throughout the day unless I listen to it. It completes me. So when I woke up the other morning to Giving Him The Best That I Got by Anita Baker, it stuck with me. I listened to it that day like 5 times in a row. It hit different. So much so, I decided to go back and listen to all my favorite songs from her. Luckily, they were all on her Greatest Hits album. She is one of the absolute best to ever do it, and I still get kinda pissed that I didn't get a chance to see her farewell performance here in Dallas a couple years ago. I'm still sour. But nonetheless, The Best Of Anita Baker is available on all music streaming services. Grab a glass of wine and just relax to the Queen of Quiet Storm.


2. I love talking about how creative I am. And although I decided to go on break with The IKG Podcast, that didn't stop me from talking to other creatives about creative things! I was recently featured on the amazing podcast Ranting Through Life with Jhonu Alicia! We discussed my creative origin story and how I came into my creative lifestyle. It's been a wacky ride, but long story short, I started my journey because someone said I shouldn't. To get the full story, you gotta listen to her podcast here. She's a blessing and an amazing soul, y'all. Her podcasts are insightful and a true breath of fresh air for those stuck in a creative rut. It's really good. 


3. I got a chance to hook back up with my longtime podcasting partner-in-crime, Angie Mitchell from The Sincerely Angie Podcast. It's been a while, but it's always a freaking celebration when we link up! She was recording a podcast on finances and I decided to stop by and give my 2 cents, or my 2 dollars worth of game. In fact, the last few podcasts we did together were about finances. When you finally have an understanding of how money works, you tend to want to share it with others to get them in a better space too. And that's why Angie and I share with you our experiences and some of the ways you can manage, save and invest money smartly. Not only is it available on all podcast platforms, it's also available on her YouTube page! Definitely check out the YouTube page to see my handsome mug! It was a fun ride. 


And so those are the 3 Picks Of The Week. Enjoy them and as always, be safe out there.


With Much Love,