Sept. 18, 2021

3 Pieces Of The Week - Part 6

Every day gets better, y'all. That's the amazing thing about living, really. If you're going through some thunderstorms or low valleys, you can eventually get yourself back up again. That is, if you choose to do so. It can be a process. It can be a pain. But ultimately, it can be joyous. And it can be over. No rain, no rainbows. With that being said, let me give you a few pieces this week I enjoyed. As always, my hope is you enjoy it just as much.


1. Last week, I talked about how I've been listening to Yebba's amazing debut album, Dawn. In fact, I mentioned how important it was to me at the moment, because it just hit different. I've been more in touch with music lately, and albums like Yebba, Cleo Sol, Lucky Daye, SiR and others have been the reason why I appreciate it most. I'm also a sucker for the videos that go along with them. And if you haven't heard of the Tiny Desk Concert Series, then you're seriously missing out on some amazing intimate performances. So when Yebba decided to do a TDC, it hit all the right notes. It's so damn good. She's so damn good. Check it out below. And if you have the time, check out other Tiny Desk Concerts from The Isley Brothers, Lucky Daye, Jazzmine Sullivan and others. It's something serious. 



2. I've been very serious about my health-mentally, emotionally, spiritually and most definitely physically. With the physical part, I've been working out consistently for the last month and a half. I do my best to go to the gym at least 2 times a week. But outside of that, I do either Yoga, Calisthenics (body weight exercises) or just taking a stroll in the neighborhood. Believe it or not, a nice 30 minute walk can be extremely therapeutic for the body, mind and soul. In total, I typically get 4 or 5 days a week with some type of workout. I believe that is the best way I can get fit, stay fit and maintain my sanity. My favorite thing to do...well let me say this. I don't like working out. At least not yet. But I'm committed to doing it forever. It truly is a lifestyle change I'm willing to make. But if I had to choose a favorite, it would definitely be Kettlebell workouts. I bought something called an adjustable kettlebell a few months ago (which you can purchase here) and it has been worth every damn penny. When I want a good ass workout, I pick up the kettlebell and go to work. 20 minutes later, I'm sweating like a lumberjack and feeling really amazing about myself. The good thing about kettlebells is that it's low maintenance and will get you results fairly quickly. There's a free app to use called KettleBell Wizard. It's available at The App Store and Google Play.


3. There are obviously so many shows you can watch on so many apps now. Netflix is still king obviously, but Disney+, Peacock, Paramount+ and all these other ones are popping up everywhere trying to capture your visual attention. There is one, however, that doesn't get a lot of love. There are some very good shows and movies on Apple TV+ that, for the most part, are swept under the radar. The Morning Show is an Emmy Award winner and still gets no love. It's really compelling and pretty damn good. But there are other shows like See (with Jason Momoa), Ted Lasso (with Jason Sudeikis) Truth Be Told (with Octavia Spencer) and my favorite, Servant (produced by M. Knight Shyamalan) that are absolutely worth watching. So check out Apple TV+. It's 4.99/month, but there are so many ways to get it free of charge. If you have T-Mobile, it's free for a year. If you subscribe to the Apple One Plan, it's included. Or if you know somebody who has it, use theirs. Hey, just get it and enjoy some really good shows. 


Those are my 3PW. Have a glorious week and enjoy yourselves, dammit!