March 13, 2021

This Meditation Is Something Serious!

This Meditation Is Something Serious!

Yesterday I got into an accident, y'all. I was driving for work and there was this car in front of me that suddenly pressed on brakes. Well, I saw it happening and was far enough ahead to stop in time. Unfortunately, the driver behind me wasn't. She tried to stop in time but couldn't, so she ended up hitting me in the rear. It wasn't a huge impact, but was enough to push me forward. So I drove up to the nearest area to stop and assess the damages. I got out calm and cool, while the lady who hit me got out and was hysterical and nervous and shaking. The police came to survey the damage of the vehicles and to check if we were alright. She was visibly upset, but I was as cool as a fan the whole time. After we exchanged information, I contacted my company and got taken care of. Later on in the evening, I thought back to the things that transpired and gave myself a pat on the back. I was calm throughout the entire ordeal. I give credit to meditation.

Normally, I would be a little nervous or just all over the place during an accident because let's face it, it's a pain in the ass to have to deal with that. Especially in the moment, parties have to try and remain calm so they can figure out what happened, why it happened and what to do next. From the time I spoke with the police officer, contacted my company, took the car to the body shop and picked up my rental, I wasn't nervous or anything. I was truly calm the entire time. I believe it was because I meditated earlier and set my intention for the day. Was it a pain in the ass? I won't say that. Inconvenience? Yes. But we both were fine and all is well. 

What people don't understand is meditation helps in circumstances like this. For months, I've been telling my closest friends and relatives to get into meditation. In fact, it's the reason I started doing The 10 Minute Meditation Moment on my podcast. It allows you to think clearly in times like this. During a crisis, or a moment of panic, remaining calm is the most important power you can have. Most people nowadays don't have that power, and it takes practice to do so. But I assure you, it works. Even if you think it's not, it's working in the background for you. Just yesterday is an example of it working for me. 

So do yourself a favor, just try meditation. You can click on any of my 10 Minute Meditation Moments and download it for later use. It will change your life for the better. And if you need assistance on how to do it, simply ask me. Leave a comment below or leave me a voicemail by pressing the microphone on the lower right hand side of the site.

Keep Going,